Things at Target That Aren't Worth the Money

Who doesn't love a good Target run? The store manages to keep up-to-date on all the current trends while also maintaining a great style. It seems like Target is one store where you can pretty much find whatever you need to buy for the home – but that doesn't mean you should.

At Target, you'll find plenty of great deals to be sure, but not everything there is worth your money. Some things can be on the pricey side, and you can save more by…shopping somewhere else. We know that it can be hard to shop at other stores, but some store-brand items just aren't any good even if they are less expensive than the next place. 

When shopping in Target, it's important to be a smart shopper. Look beyond the label and don't rely on the store for everything you need. Sometimes buying name-brand stuff at Target can cost you twice as much as other places. But at the same time, not all store-brand stuff is the same quality as the premium brands.

To help you determine just what to avoid at Target, here are the things at Target that aren't worth the money. And we repeat: do not buy them. You will regret it.