The Worst Attractions in Each State

America has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. America is rich in culture and offers a wide range of attractions for tourists who live in and outside the country. We have numerous national parks, theme parks, museums, monuments, statues, and so much more. Some of these destinations are highly popular—enjoyed by millions every year. And when you think of tourist destinations, you might think of places like Disneyland, Yellowstone, or Washington D.C. However, there are plenty of breathtaking hidden gems in each like Mono Lake in California or the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado–if you know where to look.

Unfortunately for you, the following tourist traps are not anything like that and should be avoided at all costs. From the downright wacky to the completely mundane, these are indeed the worst attractions in each state. Instagram user Matt Shirley polled 389,000 Instagram followers in 2020 and composed a list of The Worst Attractions in Every State. For our list of the worst attractions, we mostly pulled from this list but made our own inclusions based on our personal experiences. With that said, let's take a look!