45 Best Party Schools in the US

Looking for the best party school in the U.S.? Okay, so that’s not one of the main reasons you should choose a university. First, you probably want to look at their academics and certifications, but it doesn’t hurt to look at how much fun they have. We’re not saying that you need to go out and get drunk every single night until you forget you have a calculus exam the next morning, but you can still have fun in college. In fact, partying may help you relax and actually do better at school – who knows!?

Some of you may also choose to read this list in an attempt to figure out where exactly should you avoid. No one blames you if you’re the type of person that solely focuses on academics, although some would encourage you to also look at other aspects. “There’s more to life!” they’d say. Whatever. You’ll have a lot more fun after you’ve graduated with your degree, and you have a high paying job!

We’re taking a look at some of the schools that have reputations for doing all they can to have fun. We averaged university rankings from the past five years to pinpoint the most Animal House-like atmosphere, so you can decide if it’s where you want to go or somewhere you’d rather avoid. From the north to the south, we’ve looked at them all. Without further ado, here are 45 universities that really know how to open the doors and have a huge parrrrtay!