The Most Beautiful Person in Each State, According to AI

After living your whole life in basically one place, it can be difficult to see things from an outside perspective. We all have our notions about what it means to live in the states we grew up in but those are all limited by our own experiences. It's hard to take an objective look at ourselves, but even more so, take an objective look at everyone else.

When it comes to how we see other states, we often lean on all the stereotypes, and much of that comes from us only seeing the differences between us rather than the similarities. Maybe Texas is known for barbecue, but really who doesn't enjoy a good steak? It's difficult to say how much of the stereotypes are true and which are the misconceptions.

We asked our AI to clear some things up for us, asking it just what it thinks the most beautiful person in each state really looks like, and since it's a computer, you know it's giving an objective answer. Here's what each state looks like, personified, according to AI! 

Some of the results were surprisingly subtle, while others were a little on the nose in terms of expectations. With that said, let's take a look at what artificial intelligence came up with...