What Each Country Looks Like, According to AI

It's easy to think about countries in terms of stereotypes. For example, what do you think of when Italy comes to mind? What do you think the country would look like if it were human? We immediately thought of a chef cooking some delicious spaghetti, but maybe that's because we just love Italian food! Surprisingly enough, the AI had different ideas of what Italy would look like. 

Because artificial intelligence is pretty objective, we thought it would be fun to see what it thought countries would look like if they were human. America, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Brazil — no countries were off limits. We even asked it to show us some countries you might not expect (and you might like the results). 

Some of the results were pretty surprising, while others (like Brazil) seemed pretty spot on. We're actually a little impressed. However, we could see when the AI would lean into stereotypes a little harder than others. We never thought some of these countries would look so villainous, but here we are. 

Still, we will let you be the judge about how the AI did! Do you think these are good representations of each country? What do you think it should have improved on?