Wedding Dresses That Made Guests Truly Uncomfortable

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding day, but sometimes our dreams don’t always match up with reality. Something to one person may seem beautiful, but to another – just plain awful – and this is particularly true when it comes to wedding dresses because everyone has their own sense of style.

Whether they are going for traditional, unique, or just plain goofy, you can’t expect everyone to understand your artistic vision. However, a wedding isn’t really the occasion to be experimental. Sometimes traditional ceremonies require traditional celebrations.

When it comes to weddings, there’s a lot of money at stake to just throw away on a silly dress that will be the talk of your wedding day, even if you have hundreds or thousands of bouquets, and the best catering money can buy. The dress is what people will remember, and if you mess that up, you’ve messed up your wedding day. And whatever you do to make a statement on your big day is going to come off cringy to everyone else, and probably you too, when you look back at your wedding photos.

Here you’ll find the worst of the worst wedding dresses. These wedding dresses are so atrocious, that they made guests truly uncomfortable. Let’s take a look!