The Highest-Paid College Football Coaches, Ranked

For some football fans, college football games are just as much of a big deal as the NFL ones. These teams work just as hard to win, if not harder when you consider they also have to maintain their college GPAs. Their coaches are working just as hard too, and all that effort amounts to a generous high-paying salary for the best coaches out there.

While certainly, all coaches are susceptible to losses, in general, the ones that are making the most are winning the most and maintaining their posts for the longest length of time. Although, many coaches definitely move on to other colleges from time to time, too. Nevertheless, the pressure is on for these coaches to come up with the best plays and get their teams ready for the next big game.

Because of this stress, their salaries tend to reflect that, particularly those with the greatest reputations. So, how much are these college coaches getting paid? We’ve taken a look at the top 25 highest-paid college coaches in the country, looking at just how much they are making and the answers may not be what you expect. With everything on the line but years of experience to get them through it, here’s how much the highest-paid college football coaches are making. Let’s take a look!