Celebrities Whose Wives Are Out of Their League

They might be good at making romance movies, but Hollywood is definitely not the place to find a real-life fairytale romance. It’s sometimes easier to measure celebrity relationships in terms of days and hours instead of weeks and months, much less years! And if a famous couple does happen to make it to the marriage stage of the relationship, no one ever expects “‘Til death do us part” to last all that long. 

However, there are times when love blossoms in Hollywood despite all the odds being stacked against true love. And while that might be rare enough, there are some celebrity marriages that are truly perplexing because one member of the happy couple definitely married out of their league! 

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the stars of Hollywood who managed to find wives that were completely out of their league. Whether it’s because they aren’t particularly famous or aren’t particularly stunning, these folks lucked out in the marriage department. Love isn’t all about looks…but it is a little about looks, and that’s why some of these relationships make no sense! We hope these stars realize just what a catch they’ve managed to score because marriages like these don’t come around very often! 

Let’s get started!