Athletes Who Allegedly Dated Adult Film Stars

Your top rumor today is a list of players who allegedly dated Adult Film celebrities. Maybe it's time for the stigma to disappear given how big the Adult entertainment industry is. After all, the individuals in these flicks typically have good jobs and earn respectable salaries. Even while some may find the material offensive, the market is there, people want the goods, and neither one is going anywhere. The majority of athletes have a quite wide dating pool. They have alternatives, including famous actors, models, and chefs. There are countless alternatives. Here we are anyway. There have been several players from various sports who have dated X-rated stars during the past few years.

Some of the greatest names in sports, like Michael Jordan's son and Tiger Woods, have had some sort of involvement with the Adult entertainment industry due to their off-field exploits. While basketball superstar Jordan saw his son Marcus divulge all on social media with a big name from the skin business, it wasn't all as it seemed, and golf star Woods has a history of having his name linked to alleged bawdy encounters. While some of their relationships were sexual in nature, others were more serious. Here is a list of athletes who have allegedly dated Adult film stars.