AI Shows Us What Celebrities Would Look Like as the Opposite Gender

Have you ever wondered what celebrities would look like as the opposite gender? Thanks to the wonders of technology, we're now able to take a peek at how some of our favorite actors and actresses might have turned out if they had switched sexes. From Brad Pitt to Tom Cruise,  today’s modern tools have allowed us to explore the concept in an entertaining way. We'll be looking at several famous faces and discussing what changing their gender could mean for their career paths.

For many stars, starting your career as woman can mean more roles early on but fewer roles as they get older. According to an analysis by Time, an actress's career peaks at around the age of 30. For an actor, the peak happens at around the age of 46. That's a pretty huge difference and can tell us a lot about how different an actor or actress's career might be just because of their gender.

Using AI technology, we can finally know what Ryan Reynolds might look like as a woman. And while we can never really know what his or any other celebrity's life would be like as the opposite gender, we can take a pretty good guess. Without further ado, let's take a look at these gender-swapped celebrity images!