25 Strict Rules the Royal Family Follows

It’s easy to picture each member of the Royal House of Windsor as being masters of their own fate; after all, they are ROYALTY in their own kingdom. However, in reality they have a whole host of rules they must follow. Some are sensible—like dressing modestly and being gracious—while others are downright bizarre, like not being allowed to play Monopoly or wear fur.

Some of these rules have been broken recently, and others required a formal law be passed for the royal family to be allowed to change their behavior. This includes the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013, which made all kinds of changes to long-standing traditions and laws, replacing the Royal Marriages Act of 1772. Among other things, this established that the oldest child of the reigning monarch, regardless of gender, is the next in line for the throne. It also decreed that the Royal family can now marry someone of faith, not just a member of the Church of England. Good news for the new generation!

Speaking of, William, Harry, Kate, and Meghan don’t seem to be afraid of breaking royal tradition and have been working hard to modernize the family. Only time will tell how far they go and what rules they replace, as well as what rules they must put in place in an ever-changing and more social media-focused world.