25 Inventors Whose Inventions Turned Out to Be Their Demise

25 Inventors Whose Inventions Turned Out to Be Their Demise. New inventions are created every day. Not all inventions hit the market or see much success, but the innovation that humans are capable of is amazing. The old phrase “build a better mousetrap” has inspired people to create crazy contraptions and life-changing products. Self-driving cars, solar panels, and touchscreens wouldn’t be around today if someone hadn’t been tinkering with parts in their garage or dreaming up ways to help others.

The inventions don’t have to be groundbreaking to be important or exciting. After all, have you ever bought a new appliance that changed your life because it worked so much better and faster than the previous model you owned? What about those nifty little pop-sockets for your phone, or a smart doorbell with a camera on it? Those aren’t scientific breakthroughs by any means, but they still have a place in our homes and we get excited when we have them.

Those creations aren’t always a good thing, though. Sometimes these new inventions have unintended consequences or end up being downright dangerous products. It’s never a good thing when a brand new product ends up having unintended consequences. Any inventors worst nightmare is having your own design backfire on you or your customers.

It happens more often than you think, causing more than a few inventors to meet their demise as a result of their invention failing. If you’re interested in learning about deadly inventions, keep reading to find out more about 25 inventors whose inventions turned out to be their demise.