15 Times the Royals Broke Their Own Rules

When it comes to the British royalty, there are a ton of rules and protocols in place that teach the royals how they are to behave in public. There are also protocols in place for meeting members of the royal family that are usually strictly observed.

However, in the past there have been many times that there have been mishaps or flubs in interacting with the royals, but none more so surprising than when it’s the royals themselves breaking the rules. That’s right, the royals are just like us in that they like to shirk the rules whenever it suits them. Things like hugging, handshaking, and getting close and personal—things that we take for granted each and every day—are faux pas whenever members of the royal family perpetrate them. We did a little digging and found 15 times the royals broke their own rules. Read more to find out what they did!