15 Scandalous Facts About Queen Elizabeth II and Her Family

When it comes to the Royal family, they are always under the scrutiny of the public eye. Little they say or do goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a kind gesture or something a little more—scandalous, everything is noted, published, discussed, and met with opinion.  With so many viewers, it’s hard to believe that there could be anything kept hidden.

However, this is Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family we are talking about. They are held to a high standard and prefer to remain drama-free and scandal-free. They attempt to cover up anything that casts them in a negative light. Throughout her reign, poor Queen Elizabeth II was faced with some pretty big scandals. A few things about her family members are sure to raise some eyebrows. Some will blow your mind.

During this somber time, with the queen’s passing, old scandals are coming back to the surface. Everyone has a little dirt on them and we’re prepared to sift through it. We’ve scoured the internet, gathered our sources, and the results are in. In this article, we’ve listed the 15 most scandalous facts you may or may not know about Queen Elizabeth II and her family. We’ll ease into the scandals and work our way up to the most tea-worthy fact about the royals.