40 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies, Ranked

Christmas is here. Along with the snow, we’re getting days off from our responsibilities. Sure, we spend those days with our families, because that’s what Christmas is really about. That being said, you may still have some more free time. What are you going to do when everyone is at home, and you need to figure out something a group of people can do?

We have a suggestion—movies! Christmas movies, specifically. Most Christmases, we watch the same films over and over, like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Story, but there are other options. Hallmark has some especially great movies to watch, and they show every single year. Most, if not all, are family-friendly, so everyone can gather around the television to watch people fall in love and discover the meaning of Christmas.

Granted, many of them have a very similar plot. A man or woman may not be a fan of Christmas or may even hate the holiday. People get involved, and the main character begins to fall in love with that person. Do they have very similar plots? Yes. Does that mean that we aren’t going to watch them all? Absolutely not. Hallmark movies are the pinnacle of the Christmas season, and we made a list of the cream of the crop. These are the 40 best Hallmark movies you can watch this season. For convenience, we’ve ranked them so you can decide which ones you gotta catch on your days off.