30 Most Annoying Things About Having Thin Hair

The 30 most annoying things about having thin hair. Having thin hair is a constant struggle. It’s a constant battle between trying to maintain the precious locks you have left and trying to make your hair look more voluminous and healthier than it actually is with more products than can fit inside your bathroom drawers. You may feel like you are losing half of your hair on a daily basis. Thinning hair can be a sign of aging and can directly impact how “youthful” you look. But you are not alone in the fight for keeping a full head of hair.

Thinning hair and hair loss affects millions of women and men worldwide. Maintaining an unbalanced and unhealthy diet, unlucky genetics, poor hygiene, and even how you style your hair all can play a part in accelerating hair loss. Older women, especially those nearing or entering menopause, begin to lose hair as levels of estrogen produced decline with age. Male pattern baldness is genetic with men and may result in a receding hairline. If your father and his father had it, chances are that you will experience it too.

The bottom line: Having thin hair can be a major struggle. Here are some of the most annoying things those of us with thinning hair deal with daily.