40 Worst TV Shows of the 1970s

The ‘70s gave us plenty of fantastic, memorable television shows. From Happy Days to The Jeffersons to M*A*S*H, the decade was a great time for fans of TV. In fact, watching TV was one of the best things to do with the family after a long day at work and school. These great shows taught us lessons and had us tearing up when something dramatic happened – although that was only for the shows that can be considered good.

Despite the string of mega hits on the small screen during the 1970s, there were plenty of not-so-hot shows that somehow made it to air, too. It felt like the flops were coming out just as quickly as the stars (if not more). From the ridiculous to the downright awful, these are TV shows that hardly anyone remembers fondly. They turned up noses and left networks scrambling to cancel them. Hey, the good news was that we ended up getting another good show in its place…at least sometimes.

People may still watch Mork and Mindy, but no one is clamoring to see these shows. Here is our rundown of the 40 TV shows of the 1970s that are, sadly, the absolute worst of the decade.