30 Common Fall & Winter Fashion Mistakes

When the temperatures drop, the layers inevitably start piling on. It's time to say goodbye to denim shorts, summer dresses, and platform sandals, and hello to oversized coats, cozy knits, and leather boots. Unfortunately, with these added layers, there are many fashion mistakes that can occur. If you're not careful, you may be making your look dated. No one wants that, but sometimes it can be hard to avoid! 

Instead of making these fall and winter mistakes, let your wardrobe make you look and feel great. Here are the top 30 fashion mistakes that you don't want to make this season as per the style and fashion experts. Once you realize these are major fashion faux pas, you'll never make these mistakes again.  So, if you can, you should adhere to this advice. Of course, with any style slideshow, we suggest that you wear what makes you feel your very best, but making a few changes to your style wouldn't hurt either. The colder months are the perfect time to try something new! 

If you do decide to take our advice and avoid these common fashion mistakes, let us know what you think. Do you feel stylish and more vibrant? We hope so!

Let's get started!