40 Crankiest Musicians of All Time, Ranked

Being a musician can be super hectic and challenging on anyone. You have a hard schedule of touring, creating, and recording. Then, you have to deal with people being...less than smart -- we'll just leave it at that. Sometimes, the musicians also have to promote themselves. It's never-ending! This can all be tough on anyone, so it’s a huge surprise when celebs take time out of their day to be nice to fans. Signing autographs, hugging people, and taking photos can take a significant portion of their day, but they still do it with a smile on their face. Well, at least some do.

Some musicians are known for being cranky. Not just toward their fans, but also toward everyone around them. Being kind to fans may be the norm, but certain musical celebs don’t care about what they ought to do. Instead, they’re sometimes downright mean to those that fund their career. Additionally, they can be snippy to interviewers and merely make themselves look bad on television — you know the musicians we’re talking about.

Well, we decided that there are so many cranky celebs that we need a list. Here are 40 musicians who really need a juice box and a nap to get over their temper tantrums. Do you agree with our list, or did we forget anyone?